KADESH Dance Show

War, Peace, Dance and magic. The World’s First Peace Treaty The cultures are like children. That’s how they grow up. They invent and experience all the time. That’s why our story starts within a child’s dream. In her dream she meets with Abel and Cain. She understands the importance of water. Water that gives life… That’s why civilizations tend to grow up in river valleys. She understands life. And understands the importance of being altogether. Plentiful water, and the enrichment of the soil due to annual floods, makes it possible to grow excess crops beyond what was needed to sustain an agricultural village. This allowed for some members of the community to engage in non-agricultural activities such as trade, building houses and sharing information. Asking for more brings war. Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other. Sometimes it is the butterflies and sometimes the cold face of war… All the aspects of culture, like religions and rituals start to grow as mankind grows. But whatever happens conflicts remain. And our kid realizes the importance of nature and its power. Pure and innocent girl uses the power of nature for good. Peace comes to life… The good one wins and celebrations begin. In her dreams she finds riches in nature, love in herself and hapiness in the poetic chaos of life. And this becomes her wake up call. Abel and Cain makes her disappear. Her past is her richness… Having in mind that she has a lot to live in future she looked forward and her face clouded with deep thought.